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MusicMiami.org © blog and it’s equivalent subsidiary Facebook Page, Music Miami © is a community project that provides a platform and outlet for local artists and musicians in Miami to showcase their talents in order to ensure that the culture of art and live musical entertainment remains alive and endures for our 3rd generations to enjoy, as well as for many generations to come.  It is a project that Maria Tojeiro Gonzalez, the blog’s Editors in Chief, personally believes strongly in as culture, arts and music are life (that’s why our hearts have beats)!  As you might imagine, it is an honor to play this small, but important, part in helping to keep the arts alive in the City of Miami.

Although the MusicMiami.org © blog started out as an “Open House” blog, our new format will take the contents of the blog to a new level now since we will be featuring and covering events of all musical genres.  The blog and page will still be reporting and covering Open House events and you will still be able to read up, listen to and enjoy all that is happening in this very special and impacting 70s musical genre.  MusicMiami.org © and Music Miami © are all about the music and keeping live entertainment alive in the City of Miami.

MusicMiami.org © and Music Miami © will showcase photographs and commentary, as well as music videos, which all our subscribers will enjoy, particularly if they were unable to attend a performance, as our commentaries and musical videos guarantee to take you there.

Feel free to browse through the MiamiMusic.org © internet blog, read the articles, listen to the videos and to comment.  Your feedback is very important to us, to the community, to the musicians, artists and establishments.  Our blog and page will also be a format where the fans have a voice, where you can express what you enjoy, post recommendations and participate in keeping the arts alive as well.

If you would like for MusicMiami.org © and Music Miami © to cover and feature any of your events, please contact us for information and to schedule attendance.  Our attending is at no cost to the musician, Dj or artist.

Maria Tojeiro Gonzalez, Editor in Chief

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Susana September 21, 2010 at 6:03 pm

Wow, I remember the Open Houses, Electrician’s Hall, Sta. Cecilia and other outdoor venues including churches, what memories ! The Antiques were so awesome live. I remember being 14-15 and seeing them live. Wearing my satin Halter top, satin slacks, beaded jeans jacket and my candies platform shoes, with my little brother in-tow, and my mom with all the other chaperones sitting in a row against the wall. !!!!


Berry Veney May 4, 2011 at 4:42 pm

I am looking for a copy of Anabel’s 2005 album entitled Esa Soy Yo. If you know where I can find a copy, please email me or call at 601-421-3123.



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