Chris Alvy Band’s “Art Noise” CD Release – Tribute to John Lennon

by Maria Tojeiro Gonzalez on December 21, 2011

Fernando Perdomo (backup vocals/guitar), Todd Taulbee backup vocals/drums), Ana Valenzuela (keyboards), Chris Alvy (lead vocal & guitar), Darrell Killingsworth (bass.)

Returning to Miami to perform following a tremendously successful tour of the State of California, basically pit stopping before commencing their New York City tour, to be followed by a tour of the Sunshine State of Florida, Chris Alvy Band featuring Chris Alvy & Fernando Perdomo, and the talented artists of Fernando Perdomo’s Forward Motion Record Label are by far one of the most outstanding and professional singers & instrumentalists of the rock genre in the City of Miami.

Chris Alvy & Fernando PerdomoFernando Perdomo is a musical genius with an incredible ear for music and a knack for finding supernaturally talented singers & musicians for his label. Under the umbrella of his music production genius you will find some of the finest & most talented musicians in the nation today, some of whom delighted us with their talent at this performance, others who were there in support of their peers. Fernando is one of the pioneers of the Rock is Alive in Miami movement. His rapidly increasing recognition as one of the nation’s most successful record producers, does not by any means underestimate his mastery of the electric guitar. Fernando is a creme de la creme guitar player (or as Hispanic Rockers may say “la toca como cremita”) – (By the way, these boys are Miami born and raised and proud to rock)! Fernando’s finger speed and agility on the fast and speedy, upbeat new wave rock performances was supernatural!

“Art Noise” CD Release/Tribute to John LennonChris Alvy is the Bob Dylan of the millennium, except with a much more superior and sophisticated vocal quality in his voice. Chris composed the songs included in the band’s Art Noise CD (a copy of which I have had the pleasure & honor of listening to and highly recommend as a must add to your existing CD collection). The lyrics of the bands’ original compositions were true to life and moving. The words were also meaningful & catchy. Before the second chorus, you actually remembered the chorus, and the lyrics lingered in the mind as you are taking in this fantastic rock band’s sound. He is one of the most dynamic & electrifying guitar players you will ever listen to!

Chris Alvy Band’s three guitars are perfection in harmonic fusion! These guitarists are naturals. The way they play you just know they were born with the guitar in their hands & with the gift of music. The perfect fusion of lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and bass, the three instruments were just metal string, harmony power. Masterful musical arrangements of the songs by Chris Alvy, that deserve nothing less than a standing ovation.

Todd Taulbee, on drums, is an outstanding percussionist who has the timing to the sound of the rock and roll genre down pact and intact! He hits the skins, snares & cymbals in true rock, smashing fashion, with spot on timing. Excellent!

Ana Valenzuela, representing the rock feminine, did a fantastic job on piano keyboards. Ana tickled the ivories in true rock fashion. She was right on point to the melodies and is just the perfect, softening glow of the Chris Alvy Band. Great job!

These are professional musicians whose instruments are their “babies”, an extension of their bodies, that they dominate, move, control & manipulate to put out solid rocking metal sounds and hardcore crisp percussion beats & ivory taps & melody. The performance was simply a rock and roll Nirvana, just heavenly!!!

The concert ended with a Forward Motion Label Allstar tribute to John Lennon on the 31st Anniversary of his death. The Allstar cast included Jim Camacho, Robert Elias, Vic Kingsley, Jacob Jeffries, Elstein Torres, Robert Elias, Dreaming in Stereo, Karla Vega, Omine Eager, Joshua Stedman, and the Chris Alvy Band. The Allstars were true to the legend and performed primarily John Lennon’s music of the Post-Beatles era of Lennon’s fame. My absolute favorite tribute interpretation was by Dave Cabrera who sang Lennon’s Jealous Guy, which brought tears to my eyes. Extremely moving performance! David’s voice & guitar became one on this one. If I closed my eyes, I could very well imagine John Lennon himself on stage singing!

Rock concert performances, particularly when many artists are performing, are not easy to put together and bring in true perfection form to the public. There is not a venue more befitting the high standards required for a rock concert presentation than the Performing Arts Exchange (PAX), and, nobody does it better in Miami than PAX!! The stage had a wide screen hanging from the wall behind it flashing peaceful sunset & landscapes photos and abstract, musically inspired, photographs of the works of photographer, Christina Isabel Rivera. During the Chris Alvy Band performance, the screen flashed photo clips from the band’s “Air Noise” retro feel video production of the song. When the Forward Motion artists performed the Tribute to John Lennon renditions, incredible photos of John Lennon, in different poses, flashed behind the artists on the screen. PAX managed to have the spirit of John Lennon present and accounted for at this magnificent tribute to the legend!

Rock is Alive in Miami!!!!!!! Chris Alvy Band, Fernando Perdomo, Forward Motion Label & it’s wonderful artists are working hard keeping the genre alive & rocking for what I can guarantee will be many more years to come!

Thanks to Fernando Perdomo & Chris Alvy for inviting Music Miami to their out of this world concert. We look forward to the many more performances to come! Congratulations on the very successful “Art Noise” CD Release Party. ROCK ON!!

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