DJ Ballistic Billy – Mix Master/Turntable Virtuoso – 20 Year Career Anniversary (Still Going Strong)

by Maria Tojeiro Gonzalez on August 28, 2012


DJ Ballistic Billy

DJ Ballistic Billy 20 years (still going strong.)

If you were on your way to a South Florida Club between 1992 and 2001 there is not a doubt that you were tuned in to one of Miami’s best Dance & Hip-Hop Radio Stations, WPOW Power 96. Most likely, you were jamming & moving in your seat to the beat of Mix Master Dj Ballistic Billy.

Dj Ballistic Billy began mixing at age twelve. At the age of fifteen, he became an on air mixer at Power 96, becoming the youngest mixer on air during that time in the South Florida area. Through the years, he gained popularity and soon became one of the most identifiable nighttime mixers in South Florida with a listening audience through primetime mix shows of 600,000 plus listeners. Today Ballistic Billy is 35, pumped up and still going strong!

Dj Ballistic Billy, hands down, is one of South Florida’s and the Nation’s finest Djs! He is a virtuoso of the turntables.

Dj Ballistic Billy has mastered the art of beat mixing. He is currently one of the most sought after Djs in the industry, having played & continuing to play in the hottest night clubs in South Florida and across the Nation.

Dj Ballistic Billy

Dj Ballistic Billy, hands down, is one of South Florida’s and the Nation’s finest Djs!

When Billy spins, he keeps the audience up on their feet and on the dance floor for the ultimate beat banging club experience. Billy has a keen ear that identifies the most exciting and most climatic part of a song. The percussion’s heavy nature of rhythm pumps up the energy of the crowd in the club.

Ballistic Billy’s diversity extends not only to radio and club venues, but also to larger arena concerts. He has performed with multi-platinum artists such as P Diddy, Mannie Fresh, David Banner, N.E.R.D., Dj Z-Trip, the late Dj AM, Wyclef Jean, the late Big Pun, MTV’s Dj Scribble, Beanie Man, Shaggy, Coolio, 2 Live Crew, and Run DMC, just to name a few. Billy has also Dj’ed for special night club events alongside such hosts as Ron Jeremy and reality T.V. star Syrus from MTV’s “The Real World”.

Dj Ballistic Billy

Billy has a fantastic sense of humor and a contagious smile that brings you right into the party

Ballistic Billy is not just a Dj, he is an entertainer behind the turntables as well. Billy has a fantastic sense of humor and a contagious smile that brings you right into the party. He does go ballistic behind the tables, hence his name Ballistic Billy!

Having overcome incredible odds, Billy is the recipient of a kidney transplant and a major supporter of organ donation. In part this explains his drive, constant passion, and enthusiasm for his music & art. Without a doubt, Ballistic Billy is a survivor.

In addition to individual club appearances, he is also in the process of working with to develop an exclusive line of Skins for Djs and their gear.

Dj Ballistic Billy, a hard working, successful artist who is still going strong. We are sure that Billy will remain an integral part of the South Florida music industry for many more years to come.

Follow Ballistic Billy on Soundcloud to listen to his many out of this world house, bass & freestyle mixes.  Click on this link to follow him on Soundcloud:

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A very special thanks to J. Bishop (“The Roof” TV Show) and Omar DjExes Marrero hosts of’s Thursday Night, Focus Group 730 Show in Miami for their hospitality during our interview of Dj Ballistic Billy. It is wonderful radio and TV personalities like these folks that continue to keep the music playing in the Magic City.


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