Hansel & Raul Dedicated The Concert at Hialeah Race To The Memory of Rigo Herrera.

by Maria Tojeiro Gonzalez on February 21, 2012

The true measure of legendary artists is when their music stands the test of time. Hansel & Raul, named “The Greatest Dance Band in the World” by TIME Magazine, more than meet this measure as was evidenced by the masses who attended their concert at the Hialeah Race Track this past week. This Dynamic Salsa Duo’s high caliber quality of musicianship is timeless, enduring for over three decades, and still very much in demand!

Hansel y Raul

HanselHansel & Raul’s songs are original hits that epitomize the sound of Cuba. These boys are 100% Cuban, carrying the sounds of the Pearl of the Caribbean in their hearts & souls. The harmonic fusion of these two Cuban-hearted vocal powerhouses convey the warmth & tropicality of the island rhythms to their audience. Individually, both Hansel and Raul have amazing vocal ability, however, it’s when their two voices blend that the magic of their sound resonates. One feels the roots of Cuba in this union of golden vocal quality.

RaulTheir sound is a fusion of Cuban “son” and Cuban “danzon”. Their musical interpretations incorporate the upbeat percussion salsa dance rhythms, but the music’s accent is the crispness of the flute of the danzon and the strings of the violin, coupled with the brass sound of your typical salsa musical arrangement. This unique tropical flute & violin touch to the style of their sound is what sets Hansel & Raul apart from all others and earns them the title of Best Salsa Dance Band in the Universe!


Hansel & Raul BandHansel & Raul’s songs are made for dancing. They are the ultimate salsa dance band, the absolute best! It is because they are the greatest salsa dance band in the world, that their concerts always guarantee a turnout of some of the most fantastic dancers around, in which ever city or forum they perform at. Many of Miami’s best dancers came out to “guarachear” (move, swing, sway & groove) with Hansel & Raul at this performance. Simply put, it’s quite impossible not to get up Maria Teresa y Danilo - Hansel y Rauland dance when these fantastic musicians are performing.

Hansel & Raul have had a very successful career over the past three decades. These salsa legends have produced Nine (9) Gold Albums, Two (2) Platinum Albums, and One (1) Double Platinum Album for their album “La Magia”. In 1977, they were awarded a Grammy for their album “Encore”. Their music is still very popular, very much listened to today, and will undoubtedly continue to be heard & enjoyed for many more generations to come.

Hansel & Raul performed this concert in memory of Rigo “Riguito” Herrera, the band’s longtime, beloved conga player, who very recently passed away. In Memory of Rigo HerreraTheir performance beyond did Riguito’s memory justice! Front and center stage were Riguito’s congas adorned with a bouquet of white roses, which were dedicated to his memory by his fellow band members. A very heartwarming and endearing gesture.

La Charanga 76There is not a more electrifying and spectacular performance then when musicians gather to pay homage to one of their own. The comradery among these musicians was a beautiful site to observe. They played in an all out manner, many times looking up to the sky while playing and saying Riguito’s name. The band’s percussion section, which Riguito was a member of, particularly outdid themselves at this performance. All of the band’s musicians are excellent as one would imagine they would have to be to form an integral part of a multi-award winning ensemble such as Hansel & Raul. All of the musicians poured out their hearts, soul DJ El Russo - Frank Cadenasand talent for the memory of their fellow musician, Riguito. It was an incredibly amazing display of musicality by all at this concert.

Frank Cadenas a/k/a Dj El Russo was also present at the concert and provided fantastic salsa mixes for the crowd to enjoy as they were awaiting for Hansel & Raul to take the stage. Dj El Russo also provided a eulogy of sorts in remembrance of Riguito, which was very moving. He did a wonderful job as the Master of Cermonies of the event.

The Miami music community is saddened by the unexpected death of the great percussionist Rigo Herrera. Riguito (as his friend's called him) was a master on the Tumbadora (congas) and Bongos. He shared his talent playing and recording with many well known artists, including Paquito de Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, Roberto Torres, Hansel y Raul, Alex Leon, Conjunto Impacto, Monguito and others. Rigo was a gentleman who was loved by his friends and fellow musicians. He will be greatly missed. Rigo Herrera R.I.P.  -- Special thank you goes to Chacha Santiago for giving us permission to use her photo of Rigo.

A very special thanks to Angel Rodriguez, Mayilex Rodriguez, and AER Management, who are Hansel & Raul’s agents, for allowing Music Miami to document this very memorable performance by Hansel & Raul in tribute to the memory of Rigo “Riguito” Herrera, whose memory will live on forever in his fellow musician’s hearts, as well as in ours.

Angel Rodriguez - President, AER Management

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