Jenny Love at Bongo’s Cafe at the Hardrock Hotel’s Biker’s Night

by Maria Tojeiro Gonzalez on December 16, 2011

Jenny's Dad, Mr. Love is an amazing bass player and has a powerhouse voice to match. The magic of music is in the Love genes!

Jenny's Dad, Mr. Love is an amazing bass player and has a powerhouse voice to match. The magic of music is in the Love genes!

One of the things that continues to amaze me about the virtuoso vocal quality of Jenny Love’s voice is the versatile adaptation quality of her tones as she interprets songs from genre to genre. Her voice & tone switch from smooth & jazzy in her Afro-Cuban Jazz renditions to raunchy & sizzling in her Rhythm & Blues/Rock song selections. One thing for sure though, each and every rendition is sung with emotion, passion and straight from Jenny’s soul!!

At Bongo’s Cafe at the Seminole Hardrock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Jenny truly shined in superstar fashion as she performed in “full orchestra” arrangements versus in duo or trio accompaniments, with her orchestra “Power”. From the moment Jenny & the boys started their performance they captured the immediate attention of all of the guests, who were clearly enthralled in & enjoying the music!

The boys of PowerThe boys of Power consists of some of the best salsa & timba bands around town and include dynamic and talented trumpeter, Yasmani Roque of Conjunto Progreso (one of the most sought after blowers of the horn in Miami), and Jenny’s dad, who I fondly refer to as “Mr. Love” playing & strumming one of the best bass instruments, in spot on rhythmic time perfection! Mr. Love had us in turbo-dance mode with his incredible bass sounds! Also, and much to the audiences delight, he sang a solo bolero proving the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree as he has a magnificent voice too! Music simply is in the Love family genes. They are fantastic musicians & performers!

Jenny LoveThe incredible singer performed her Afro-Cuban songs together with Prince Emanuelle Aderele, an International Artist in Residence in Miami. A Sacred Yoruba Dance Instructor from Nigeria, he dominated an African animal skinned drum. The Prince put out deep, soulful, highly rhythmic skin sounds on the instrument from which the congas of today were born from.

Jenny Love performed at Bongo’s at it’s monthly Biker’s Night. This evening the Chrome Knights Bikers Club attended Jenny’s performance. Bongo’s offered the perfect Banana Republic/Key West atmosphere that is inviting toJenny performing on stage at Bongos Hardrock Cafe Hollywood all of the wonderful individuals who enjoy the sport of motorcycling, Miami’s outdoor tropical climate and tropicality and the sounds of ’60s Classic Rock with a Latinized Native twist.

Jenny rendered the perfect performances to please her loving biker fans. She sang “Proud Mary” and “Born to be Wild”, which had us all up on our feet, swinging, swaying & rocking! Her wonderful ballads had the biker couples enjoying an enchanting evening out on the town (the weather was nice, cool and just picture perfect for a wonderful bike ride evening from Miami to Hollywood where the Hardrock is located. I enjoyed the car ride, windows down, so I can’t even imagine how much more so the bikers enjoyed the ride!).

Chrome Knight BikersThe Chrome Knights Biker’s Club members are just about the most fun loving & wonderful folks you can come to meet many of whom include professionals with a passion for true grit & a love for the thrill & enjoyment of riding a motorcycle. Bongo’s offers all bikers in attendance VIP Bike Parking. The club members parked their bikes right in front of the restaurant. The bikes were out of this world!! Chrome, customized, sizzling & fast, these vehicles were aerodynamic in shape & smoking’ in artwork design.

Jenny Love and Power perform again at Bongo’s Cafe at the Hardrock Hotel on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2011. Click here for more information and details. Visit Jenny’s Facebook Page and click “Like” to join to keep up on all of Jenny’s events in the upcoming New Year 2012.

Looking forward to many more outrageous concerts in 2012 from Jenny Love, on her way to certain super stardom!

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