A Tribute to Miami Music Legend Luis Serrano, Who Celebrates 40 Years in The Music Business… “Tres Artes en Una Voz.”

by Frank Prieto on April 15, 2012

Luis Serrano is a Miami artist who not only delights us with his music and powerful voice, but has also managed to contribute to the arts through his paintings and poetry.

In the documentary below titled: “Tres artes en una voz” (Three talents in one voice), this Miami virtuoso takes us on a journey inside his world – a world of a gifted human being who shares his love, passion and inborn talent for the arts in an unpretentious way.

Luis Serrano DVD - “Tres Artes en Una Voz.”He is an incredible story teller – and the only performer I know, who can tell you the same story numerous times and you enjoy it as if it was the first. Every line is delivered in preparation for the next one. He connects with his audience and keeps them engaged because there is never a wasted word. His talent as a poet makes him a natural song writer who wrote the ultra popular song “Renacer” back in the early days as a member of The Miami Sound Machine. It is not unusual for his performances to end in standing ovations, especially when the audience sees him for the first time and can’t believe what they’ve just witnessed.

Mr. Serrano is also a musical historian in his own right. He retains historical information about music dating back to the 30’s and 40’s.  He can mesmerize you narrating historical data combined with music theory. That’s when you realize this multi-talented genius is also a walking encyclopedia.

This incredible talent combined with his unselfish love for the arts, has earned him the respect and love of his friends and peers. Luis Serrano is a talent powerhouse that Miami is very lucky to call his own. A genuine individual who has given to the world more than he has taken. This in my book is admirable. If you’ve seen Luis Serrano perform you know what I mean. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? You’ll be in for a real treat because he doesn’t know how to disappoint an audience.

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Maria Tojeiro Gonzalez April 15, 2012 at 11:58 pm

Brilliant article! Having witnessed the “Luis Serrano” experience recently at a friends birthday party I can tell you that he is a very talented individual with an amazing voice and a love and passion for arts & culture that can only be compared to having been born a natural in what he does. Great talent, wonderful individual!


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