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by Maria Tojeiro Gonzalez on January 3, 2012

Main Street Band

Main Street Band's performance focused on musicianship, live performance and authenticity.

I’m still on a rock and roll high from Main Street Band’s Beatles Tribute, that I can only equate to a Beatles “Remastered” performance, with a British Invasion twist. The band has been described as “The Best Classic Rock and Roll Band in Miami” and, hands down, they are! The best by far, Main Street’s song repertoire epitomizes the eclectic and stylistic diversity of the genre of rock and roll, as it existed primarily in the 60s and early 70s.

The first set the band performed was a tribute to The Beatles. As we all know, the legendary Beatles composed some of the most complex musical arrangements, melodies and harmonies. The boys from Main Street’s sound combines skill and technique to produce a “true to the original sound”, that is sincere and moves the soul (and the body) creating the ultimate extreme listening experience. They have tremendous stage presence. From the large British flag that was hanging behind the stage, to the sporting of Sgt Pepper Beatle jackets, the performance totally focused on musicianship, live performance and authenticity.

In this video is Main Street in concert at Club Ache performing “Day Tripper.”

Main Street's Energetic Guitar RiffsThe band’s second set was Infused with intense, energetic guitar riffs and towering rhythms. The boys from Main Street delivered a magnificent show. Simply electrifying! From psychedelic rock, to heavy metal, to southern rock, to jazz & progressive rock fusion the band brought it all to the table at this performance! The band’s vibrant and simplistic, unsyncopated beats were profound and intense, making Main Street’s sound the perfect musical formula.

Eddy Roses

Eddy Roses

Eddy Roses, lead vocalist, exemplifies the well known voices of the sixties. His transitions from low to high pitched notes are smooth, spotless and perfectly on key. His range is incredible! The mighty vocals encompass a Steve Perry, Axl Rose, Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, with a little bit of Sting’s rock bluesy suave, all wrapped up into one. These are some pretty big guns I mention, but Eddy filled their legendary shoes perfectly. Eddy’s powerful, dynamic vocals were superb on The Beatles’ song selections, including “Roll Over Beethoven”, “Obladi Oblada”, “Twist & Shout”, “Saw Her Standing There”, and “Hey Jude.” However, his golden vocal instrument beyond excelled on the groups’ second set particularly on Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild”, Led Zepellin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, Creedence Clearwater’s “Rollin on a River”, and Sting’s “I’ll Be Watching You”, a delightful, heavenly performance.

Landy Castro - Drums

Landy Castro - Drums

Landy Castro, on drums, is a stick master! Landy’s musicianship only underlies what a powerfully talented group of musicians the members of Main Street band are. Landy’s drumming is magnificent. His percussive fists hammer out the direction for the band’s repertoire. The fans were lifted to greater heights as they marveled at Landy’s dominance of the sticks. Landy handled those sticks rock steady and at the speed of lightning. He is the perfect timekeeper and a super rock star! He has a rhythmic pulse throughout the renditions, that conveys & inspires. Landy is the man behind the beat of this great classic rock and roll band, not only behind his instrument, but he is also the band leader. Landy plays beyond good, he is exceptional!

Jesus (Chucho) Vazquez - lead guitar, Charlie Isser & Ignacio Martinez - rhythm guitarsMain Street’s guitars soared with angel wings! Jesus (Chucho) Vazquez, lead guitar, Charlie Isser & Ignacio Martinez, rhythm guitars, are masterful instrumentalists and are the backbone of the heavy, guitar driven rock sound of the band. These guitarists are the pinnacle of quality musicianship! They strum their instruments in a passionate, “no boundaries” manner, which downright make their fans feel good, just like rock and roll is supposed to. One of the most memorable guitar performances of the evening was the guitar solo by Chucho Vazquez on the band’s rendition of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”. The three guitarists ubber shined on the Beatles “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” rendition, where the guitars’ sounds, in unison, formed a perfect metal string harmonic tone.

Gabriel Machado Sr. - bass

Gabriel Machado Sr. - bass

Gabriel Machado Sr., on bass, tackles the band’s mega classic song repertoire like a monster. Gabriel’s bass is the rhythm of the rock and roll earth! He was definitely most on at this Main Street performance and has to be one of the best, if not the best bass players currently playing in the city. It may not be known, but only to musos, that it is incredibly difficult to play the bass guitar. Gabriel plays his instrument dynamically, with comfort, ease and a mighty groove, actually making bass playing look easy. His solo bass performance on Rare Earth’s “Get Ready” had heads turning, from the very first note. Gabriel Machado is a bass champion and an impressive instrumentalist. Main Street’s musical persona is definitely graced by Gabriel’s musical ability.

Ignacio Martinez - keyboards

Ignacio Martinez - keyboards

Ignacio Martinez, on keyboards, is a world class musician. Ignacio tickles the keys with tremendous finger dexterity and a rockin’ rollin’ groove. His keyboard interpretations are gems and exquisite. Ignacio is without a doubt one of the most well rounded keyboard players around today. His keyboard was sizzling & blazing particularly in his solo on Rare Earth’s “Get Ready”, a stellar, super rock star performance!

The concert included a raffle of an original Sgt. Pepper’s Beatles album and a wonderful Beatles poster. Main Street Band is all about the music and definitely all about their fans. The raffle was a wonderful way to interact with the fans and to create an additional touch of fun for all to enjoy.

Main Street Band, Miami FLOne of the most interesting things about attending Main Street Band’s performance was interacting with the Cuban-American Rock Culture fans and crowd who came out to hear them play (and might I add these boys can really draw a crowd). Where one would possibly expect to find a primarily anglo fan base in attendance, Main Street Band’s following consists largely of Cuban-Americans who were raised in the United States and acquired a love & passion for the rock and roll sounds they listened to growing up in the Americas in the 1960s. There were many 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation hispanic rock and roll fans at the concert, but there were also 4th generation listeners who were mesmerized by the band’s sound, dancing and enjoying the show. These wonderful children’s enjoyment of the concert only serves to guarantee that rock and roll will definitely live on in Miami for many more generations to come. Rock On Miami!!

Jose Padron - Main Street's Manager

Jose Padron

A special thanks to Jose Padron, Main Street Band’s manager and promoter for inviting Music Miami to this wonderful concert. We look forward to attending many more concerts of theirs in 2012.

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DAVE DIAZ February 9, 2012 at 8:05 am



Luis I. Pelaez May 2, 2012 at 7:42 pm

I went to a concert and did not know the bands name, now i know, main street played beatles songs all night you close your eyes and you thought the beatles were in front of you. this band is good.
tell me where are you guys playing next. ok i will be there.


Frank Prieto May 2, 2012 at 9:45 pm

Luis, they are GREAT! Follow them on Facebook so you don’t miss their next performance–>


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